Xtremax Teknologi Indonesia, PT Lowongan kerja
Crowe IndonesiaLowongan kerja
Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk, PTLowongan kerja
HPI Agro – Hartono Plantation IndonesiaLowongan kerja
Nusantara Compnet Integrator, PTLowongan kerja
Medidata Indonesia, PTLowongan kerja

Company listing that joins and is shared in our recruitment systems to improve recruitment process response. Company names that you find in the above details have shared their recruitment process and automatically hiring process by using our recruitment management systems. Company online recruitment systems which included Applicant Tracking System, Recruitment Database, RMS System, recruitment system atomic energy, job recruitment system.

The online recruitment system provide automates services for company for the recruitment process in case the recruitment and hiring volume was increased and job seeker or candidate can apply for the desire position easily.

The company’s online recruitment system was implemented online for the best solution that allows the company to streamline and a wide range of online recruitment processes. The recruiters or hiring managers will receive an automatic notification from the job application that candidates submit for each job vacancy. The streamlined online recruitment and online hiring process can trace easily by the recruitment manager or recruiter for each CV that is submitted by the candidate.

Company Online Recruitment process

The recruitment process by a company included:
– Job analysis for new jobs that open for applications. The job analysis process included the candidate skills, knowledge that the user needed, abilities, and characters that should be met by company regulation and end-user hiring manager.
– Sourcing is the most important to identify the right candidates that are suitable for job advertisements, job openings, job vacancies, internal job vacancies, and online recruitments.
– Screening and selections, that hiring manager, talent acquisition, or the recruiter will receive an automatic notification from our system once candidates or job seeker submit their job applications online by the system. The recruiter will process the screening process before selecting the right candidates that are suitable for the next process.