Business Development Manager (HO) – PT Petrosea Tbk

Business development manager kembali di buka di PT Petrosea Tbk untuk penempatan di head office. Silahkan pahami detail berikut ini sebelum mengirimkan lamaran kerja anda. Pastikan posisi yang anda lamar sesuai dengan background professional Anda.
To identify and convert prospects that can be efficiently won by Petrosea whilst minimizing the project risk borne by Petrosea. This involves directing and controlling E&C BD function by providing leadership, direction and support to the activity.

  • Minimum Bachelor degree preferably in Engineering
  • Minimum 10 years previous experience in Business Development in Mining construction sector
  • Able to work extended hours to meet/entertain clients and owners
  • Demonstrated effective verbal, written and interpersonal communication sector
  • Committed to delivering the best possible services to the internal or external client
  • Able to travel regionally at short notice
  • Able to generate and deliver innovative solutions to bring organisations together.


  • Plan and develop BD strategy in E&C such that clients choose Petrosea by negotiation rather than open tender
  • Identify the projects that can be won with whilst minimizing wasted estimating effort
  • Plan out tasks for BD staff including their interpersonal management to ensure employee satisfaction
  • Projects that are won have low commercial risk
  • Develop, manage and control the BD budget in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • Locate technology partners that when combines with Petrosea will enable alternate projects to be delivered
  • Establish and maintains effective work relationship within the department, the company and the community, and maintains the professional competence, knowledge and skill necessary for the satisfactory performance of all assigned responsibilities to achieve good working relation between office members
  • Establish, review and communicate timely SWOT analysis and BD reporting for internal and external review
  • Performs administrative supervisory tasks including evaluating employee performance, source necessary skills and resources based on manpower forecasts to provide managerial support in administrative matters.

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