PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia – Logistic Analyst and Innovation

Logistic Analyst and Innovation career di PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia. Posisi ini akan ditempatkan di head office di TCC Batavia Tower, Jakarta. Perlu diperhatikan persyaratan lowongan kerja Logistic Analyst and Innovation berikut ini:
Position Summary
1. Provide optimal logistics services such as selection of logistics companies that meet customers’ logistics requirements, securing of infrastructure, and management of logistics operations.
2. Monitor logistics company’s overall performance including import customs clearance, delivery, storage and logistics costs, and achieve goals by logistics indicator.
3. Secure and apply continuous process innovation and system to ensure the logistics competitiveness.
Role and Responsibilities
1. [Managing logistics partner contracts] Perform analysis by checking logistics contract clauses, evaluating logistics company’s execution capability according to the requirements, and checking whether the clauses meet the company’s operating standards and standard processes.
2. [Logistics KPI (Key Performance Indication) management] Prepare improving logistics partner’s execution capability such as task operation, organization and process from the customer, financial and HR perspectives.
3. [Operating logistics information system] Prepare operating IT infrastructure with related systems at optimal cost by understanding the structure and overall flow of logistics system.
4. [Driving innovation project] Identify new services to secure logistics competitiveness, and develop and apply efficiency of the existing processes and related solutions.
Skills and Qualifications
• Experienced professional with full understanding on specialized areas; resolves a wide range of issues in creative ways
• Works on problems of diverse scope where analyzing data requires evaluating identifiable factors. Demonstrates good judgement in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions
• Normally receives little instruction on day-to-day work and receives general instructions on new assignments
• Typically requires minimum 5 years’ of related experience and a Bachelor’s degree, or 3 years and a Master’s degree; or a PhD without experience
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